Campus Neighbors is a community organization action group working to maintain and promote healthy relationships between permanent residents and students living together in the neighborhoods around the college and university campuses in Duluth, Minnesota.
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Ski Instructors Positions Available At Chester Bowl

Here’s a great opportunity for skiers looking for a way to earn some additional money and spend more time on the ski hill.

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Hillside Holiday Potluck, Tuesday Dec. 4, 6pm

All are welcome at the Annual Hillside Holiday Potluck!
Bring a food item to share with others. Network with others in the community!
Please share this information with your neighbors!

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Lower Chester Ice Rink Concession Stand Volunteer Request

Lower Chester Ice Rinks are in need of you to help us keep the warming shack open for concessions!
Please consider volunteering for shifts. This year we will have hockey and skating every day – but only if we have volunteers to run the concession stand.  Profits made from concessions will go directly into inproving Lower Chester Park.

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East And Central Hillside Annual Potluck!

We will gather, Tuesday, December 4th at Grant recreation Center. (901 E. 11th St.) Please bring a dish to share for our 6:00 event. Please invite friends, neighbors, youth, and people who have a love for the Hill! I think a door prize would be fun and some nice music to to enhance the evening! Thank you from gene, Claudie, Mona and Larry! (hosts)

City Council Resolution Re: Lower Chester Park

Hello Neighbors and Friends,
NOLCP Co-Chair, Deb Filipovich, requested that I notify you that on  Monday, 11/26/12, the City Council will make a resolution on our Mini-Site Master Plan.  The meeting starts at 7:00, and Lower Chester Park is 20th on the list after Reports and other Resolutions.  We don’t know exactly when the Lower Chester Park Resolution will be heard, but probably not until after 7:30 is a good guess.  This is a great opportunity to show support for Lower Chester Park and to thank the City Council for their support.  It would be great to see you there.  Thanks, Bev Berntson,  Secretary, NOLCP

Parking Information Starting November 1, 2012

General City of Duluth Parking Requirements

Alternate side parking is in effect 24/7 year-round by default unless a particular block has parking-related signage stipulating otherwise.
• Vehicles parked on the street must be moved every 24 hours.
• Vehicles parked on the street must be a minimum of…
o 7’ from alleys and driveways (even one’s own driveway)
o 10’ from fire hydrants
o 20’ from crosswalks
o 30’ from stop signs
• No parking is permitted in alleys, on boulevards (the grass between the sidewalk and the street), and front yards. (Backyard parking is permitted in a gravel or paved driveway. Parking also is permitted in one side yard extending toward the street at the front of the property but only on a paved driveway.)
• Notes:
o Anyone can utilize the street parking in front of a residence. It is not reserved for the homeowner or renter.
o There is no prohibition against parking across the street from a driveway.
o There is no limit to the number of vehicles that a single person or residence can park on city streets.
To report parking infractions during business hours, please call either of the following:
• Parking Services  218-730-5419 (typically Anna Douglas)
• Parking Manager  218-730-5178 (Matthew Kennedy)
To report parking infractions after hours and on weekends, please call 911.
Infractions on private property may be addressed by one or more of the following:
• Police officers
• Building officials
• Zoning staff
• Fire department staff

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New procedure for reporting illegal parking

Matt Kennedy, City Parking Manager was the guest speaker on Sept. 16 and provided the following information:

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Landlord Training

One Roof Community Housing and Home Line are offering a 2.5 hour course on tenant and landlord laws.
Information about the course, and registration materials can be found at:
Please spread the word to any current or prospective landlords or property managers.

Campus Neighbors Advisory Group
Duluth, MN

Upcoming T3C Meeting Dates

The T3C General Membership will meet on the following dates at 3:00 at Grandma’s Sports Garden:

Oct 11
December 6
February 7
April 11

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Creative Parking

Save The Date! Tuesday, September 18
Topic:  Creative parking:  Challenges, Ideas, Solutions

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