If you need immediate patrol response dial 911.

Duluth Police Department

Duluth Community Police Officers: Community sergeants and officers work a variety of schedules and work 40 hours a week. They are often working with residents out in their neighborhoods and are at the office only a portion of the time. If you need help with a problem in your neighborhood that you do not need an immediate response call or e-mail the officer listed for your neighborhood and they will contact you. Duluth Community Police Officers: Community Officers (PDF)

Citywide Crime Mapping

T3C: Tri-Campus & Community Coalition on Student Drinking

Solving Chronic Nuisance Problems: A Guide for Neighborhood Leaders (Large PDF)

Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Neighborhood Impact Report (Large PDF)

The U.S. Department of Education’s Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention

City Assessor
Use this link to search for property owners.

Duluth City Council
The University of Minnesota online newspaper

NHS Duluth

Southeast Como Improvement Association

CommUniverCity: SanJose

Town and Gown University Communities

The Alliance: A University District Partnership
The Alliance is made up of interested and committed people from the Twin City campus area neighborhoods, business associations, University student government, the City of Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota. It also includes a growing number of friends and partners who are committed to achieving the vision of the Alliance.

City of Duluth Municipal Code

Amendments to Legislative Code

Zoning Reform in Trends and Themes

The Hillside Newspaper

Duluth Freecycle

Duluth Preservation Alliance

Yvonne Prettner Solon

Election and Voter Information


UMD Statesman

Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol (Facebook Page)

Neighborhood Partnership University of Alabama (Good stuff!)

College Parent Central

Campus Compact

Campus Partners

Hamilton Initiative

Eddy Street Commons at Notre Dame

Yale University President’s Public Service Fellowship

South Campus Gateway