About CN

We’re here to make things better. Campus Neighbors is a community organization in Duluth, dedicated to promoting healthy relationships between permanent residents who own homes, and college students who rent in the neighborhoods around UMD and St. Scholastica. We’re volunteers‚ residents and students‚ who want our neighborhoods to remain wonderful communities to live in and learn in. We’re doing this for everyone, and for the future.

In 2001, some great and hard-working folks (who deserve huge standing ovations) saw that the health of our neighborhoods was degenerating. Loud parties, minimal parking, deteriorating rental houses and unsightly garbage were frustrating residents and causing some of them, especially young families, to leave.

Something had to be done and so Campus Neighbors was formed. Hundreds of meetings and thousands of hours have been put into preserving these dynamic neighborhoods. And it is working. Through organization, outreach, cooperative initiatives and public policy, we have helped to carve out ordinances, laws, rules, awareness, friendships, definitions…you name it, we’ve worked on it. We’ve been here, we’re still here, and we’ll stay here: watching out for and listening to each other; organizing and making a difference.

We are not “anti-student.” In fact, most homeowners in the Central and East hillsides, Endion, Chester Creek, Kenwood, Hunters Park and Woodland realize that students are a significant part of what makes these the best neighborhoods in Duluth to live. Students bring vitality to these communities: cool restaurants and coffee shops; culture and creativity; commerce and camaraderie. They’re our babysitters, dogsitters, friends and good neighbors.

Many of the homes in these neighborhoods are at least 50 and often, over 100 years old. Most are literally just steps away from rivers, waterfalls and parks, and have the city’s best Lake Superior views! Marring the unique combination of natural beauty and architecture (Arts and Crafts, Victorian, Colonial, and classic bungalow) to dilapidation and neglect would be tragic. Preserving the history, character, and remarkable quality of life in these communities is vital to both permanent residents and the students who are our neighbors. Such pursuits are as worthwhile as they are necessary.

And anything worthwhile requires work. When it comes to our homes, our beautiful city, the neighborhoods we love, and the young people we share these places with, we will work very hard to create and maintain a culture in which everyone is happy, safe, and respected. We are Campus Neighbors. Please join us.