New procedure for reporting illegal parking

Matt Kennedy, City Parking Manager was the guest speaker on Sept. 16 and provided the following information:

General City of Duluth Parking Requirements

*Alternate side parking is in effect 24/7 year-round by default unless a particular block has parking-related signage stipulating otherwise.
The change-over time is 4pm-8pm on Sunday- cars can be on both sides during this time.

*Vehicles parked on the street must be moved every 24 hours.

*Vehicles parked on the street must be a minimum of…
-7′ from alleys and driveways (even one’s own driveway)
-10′ from fire hydrants
-20′ from crosswalks
-30′ from stop signs

*No parking is permitted in alleys, on boulevards or in front yards  (Backyard parking is permitted in a gravel or paved driveway.  Parking also is permitted in one side yard extending toward the street at the front of the property but only on a paved driveway)  UDC 50-24

*Note:  Anyone can utilize the street parking in front of a residence.  It is not reserved for the homeowner or renter.

New procedure for reporting parking infractions M-F from 8-4:30:
-Parking Services 218-730-5419 (Anna Douglas)
-Parking Manager 218-730-5178  (Matthew Kennedy)

After hours and on weekends call 911 for a squad response

Infractions on private property may be handled by one or more of the following:
-Police officers
-Building officials
-Zoning staff
-Fire Dept. staff

We had a lively discussion with Matt about a variety of parking issues.  He or Anna are able to use a variety of responders when you call about illegal parking.

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