Move-In Weekend

Duluth Police Community Officer Matt Nevanen, UMD Police Captain Scott Drewlo and UMD Officer Sean Huls attended the Campus Neighbors meeting on August 18. Also in attendance were 911 operator Ryan Stauber and a UMD police officer, who was a former 911 operator.

The officers stated that 911 is now considered to be more of an entry-point to the police department and is not exclusively for life-threatening emergencies.  A call to 911 allows for problem properties and situations to be tracked for immediate enforcement and future prevention.

As noted in the DNT article this week, extra squads will be available.  If there is a party in progress,  report the address to 911 and officers will make a preventative visit if time allows.

Calling 911 can also save a life.

Binge drinking and alcohol poisoning are an issue with young people, especially those who are on their own for the first time. T3C member Paige Salyards spoke eloquently about this.

Bonfires within the city limited are limited to 3’x3’x3′.  If it is larger than that and is bothering you, call 911.

Getting to know your new neighbors can be a benefit. UMD is again willing to reimburse up to $50 for a neighborhood gathering.  For more information, please e-mail

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