Update on Chester Park Clean Up

Monday, June 25, 7-8:30pm

Clean area from park entrance to playground/stage, including rake out rocks & sand from grass, fill in gouged out holes in the picnic area, haul debris to the road, re-install a washed out park bench & clean up broken branches.

Tools To Bring-
Please bring work gloves, garden shovels, garden rakes, pruners, loppers, wheelbarrows, bow saws and other hand tools. Please note – the city has requested that we do not use chain saws.

If possible please walk, bike or carpool.  Since we will be hauling debris to the parking lot next to the park entrance, that area will not be available for parking.

Kids are welcome to participate.  The city has asked that parents closely supervise their children, especially near the creek.

Check In-
The city can get reimbursed for volunteer hours, so please check in at the playground & get a name tag.

Group Leaders-
If you would like to be a group leader, please meet at the playground at 6:30pm.

Thanks for your support.


Thom Storm
Executive Director
Chester Bowl Improvement Club
1801 E. Skyline Dr.
Duluth, MN.  55812-1154
(218) 724-9832

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