T3C Update 5-25-12

Another academic year is complete and the college drinking trends continue to show positive patterns of decline.  In 2011-12 there were no surveys of student health at the three Duluth Campuses.  Survey findings from 2009 and 2011 for the College of St. Scholastica and Lake Superior College document a decline in student alcohol consumption, a decline in quantity of alcohol consumption and a reduction in consequences related to alcohol use.  The University of Minnesota Duluth survey data from 2007 and 2010 also show this reduced pattern of alcohol use and consequences.  Next year CSS (CORE) and UMD (Boynton) will be doing surveys and then in the following academic year, 2013-14, all three schools will be administering the National College Health Assessment.

Other indicators of reduced alcohol consumption are found in UMD police data and reports from campus neighbors that they have experienced fewer disturbances from drinking parties and student neighbor noise.  These findings should not lead to complacency, however.  In the fall there will be a new batch of incoming students resulting in renewed prevention efforts including changing the culture of alcohol indulgence to moderation or non use.  In this regard there are some positive plans that have come out of the T3C strategic planning.

Three posters, “Don’t Be That Guy”, “If you’re wondering which one of you should drive – none of you should” and “Alcohol Overdose” are going to be distributed by three local alcohol distributers to both off sale locations and bars.  This effort is to be sponsored by Cash Wise Liquor with the corporate office supporting the printing of the posters.  We thank Brandon Erickson for his suggestion and follow-through in moving this prevention effort forward.  Recall that the second and third mentioned posters have QR codes that may be accessed with smart phones so that either the cab companies and their phone numbers may be accessed electronically or the symptoms of alcohol overdose may be obtained.

The new Co-Coordinator arrangement is working well.  Lauretta Perry, Paige Salyards and J Laundergan have worked out a division of responsibility and will provide the joint leadership for T3C over the summer and into the new academic year.  We also welcome Al Finlayson, Vice President for Administration and Finance at LSC, to the T3C Executive Committee.  Laura Bennett has also joined the Executive Committee bringing current information of prevention approaches and information of what is happening in the state and region.

Wishing all of you an enjoyable summer.  My summer will be restricted with the third of my ongoing cancer treatments.  The prognosis remains good but the first measurement of progress will be after the forth (out of six) chemotherapy sessions.  I am tolerating the chemo well except for hair loss and low energy.

There will be a General Membership in the fall and you will be getting a schedule of the meetings for the 2012-13 academic year so that you may program your calendars.  If you have any suggestions for T3C, please email jlaundergan, lmperrty, or psalyards

J Laundergan

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