City Council Meeting Tuesday, May 29 at 7pm

Two ordinances are in discussion.  One would limit the number of bedrooms in a new multi-tenant rental conversion  to 4.  They other ordinance sets boundaries for an “overlay district” around the UMD/CSS campus.  Once an overlay is established, standards can be set within the overlay to determine future  use.

Click on the link above to read the content.  This ordinance was sent back to the City Attorney to add a “grandfather” clause, meaning that existing rental conversions would be affected but new rental conversions would be limited to a maximum of 4 bedrooms.

It’s time again for people to show support for restoring and maintaining a rental/homeowner balance in our neighborhoods and preserving them for the  future.

Please contact the Council at or better yet, show up at the next two City Council meetings, May 29 and June 11.  If you are unable to attend on May 29, the meeting is televised on PACT-7 and played live on KUMD 103.3.

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