City Council addresses rental conversion issues – First reading – May 14

The City Council Agenda is available at this link.

Resolutions  12-0252R, by Councilor Stauber, recommends an Overlay area to be part of the Higher Education Small Area Plan, and 12-032-0, by Councilor Boyle,  limits the number of bedrooms for new multi-tenant rental licenses to 4. (It is currently 6)

Until Jan. 1, 2012, only single-tenant rental licenses were allowed in the “Protection Zone” around the UMD and CSS campuses.  Since the expiration of this restriction on January 1,  a dozen or more homes have been purchased by investors hoping to convert the homes to 6-bedroom rentals marketed to college students.  This is occurring in spite of increased fees for rental conversion and off-street parking requirements (5 off-street parking spaces are required for a new 6-bedroom license).

Why is this a concern?

We know that some neighborhoods around the colleges have “tipped”, more than half of the single-family homes have converted to multi-tenant rental,  for example, the lower portion of Woodland Avenue.  The new ordinances are designed to limit this condition and maintain  a healthy balance of rental and homeownership.

It is likely that this will be a hot topic in the next few weeks.  Watch for e-mail updates and media coverage.  Contact your neighbors and City Councilors.

We will do our best to answer questions by email or refer you to the person who can.

Campus Neighbors Advisory Group
Duluth, MN

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