T3C Minutes 3-22-12

T3C Minutes 3-22-12
Grandma’s Sports Garden 3:00

Update on the reorganized T3C Coordinator (3 Co-coordinators) arrangement.  J reported that the Co-coordinator arrangement is in its early phase with Lauretta Perry (campus), Paige Salyards (community) and J Laundergan (data etc.).  J also reported that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma and will be going to Mayo Clinic the following week.  Report from Mayo Clinic – the cancer has not spread but is localized and will respond well to chemotherapy.

Campus and community activities

-LSC: Roxanne reported a successful awareness week
-UMD:  Lauretta reported that the Chemical Health Advisory Committee (CHAC) is working on     goals and action steps
-Campus Neighbors:  Sandy gave a report of the campus area plan and the development of the Woodland School site.  George added to the report and supported the development.
-Health Educators
-Law enforcement:  Sean reported on campus alcohol violations

Breakout group discussions  (Strategic planning for both Campus Neighbors and Landlords will be addressed later).

Health Educator and Student Strategy Summary – (breakout group discussion)

Goal – Membership/partnership and sustainability
Encourage campus administrative buy-in of T3C efforts and goals
Concern:  Lack of participation by administration and elimination of funding
Suggestion: Campus Neighbors (Sandy) and Community member (Virg) draft a letter
encouraging continued support of resources and supplies
Concern:  Lack of health educator participation by CSS
Suggestion: Lauretta to call and talk with Megan/Steve

Campus / community marketing of T3C

Goal – Student leadership opportunities
Promote student member participation
Suggestion: Student membership linked to relationship with student government or internship with health educators as a way of encouraging accountability and follow through.

Create student lead groups on each campus that support and promote T3C efforts.
Suggestion: This already exists at UMD and CSS has the student group to support efforts
(Storm Advocates).  Lauretta will talk to Megan at CSS.  This is less likely at LSC.

Goal – Education: Community and Campus
Continue campaigns currently underway (alcohol overdose magnets, QR code poster distribution, Don’t be that Guy.
Suggestion: beef up and expand Don’t be that Guy, create a new campaign on the legal ramifications of alcohol abuse/use underage, consistency in messaging – make sure all 3 campuses are promoting the campaigns simultaneously.

Alcohol prevention education college courses

Media/Marketing/T3C branding.  Our group realized that the committee is not widely recognized by the community or students

Invite Mark Lambert to be a guest at T3C.  Introduce him to our work, thank him for the work he has done to address alcohol in his buildings and ask him to share with his approach as it appears he is doing something right (his buildings not known for parties, detox and hospitalizations don’t stem from his buildings)

Law Enforcement and Courts Strategy Summary – (breakout group discussion)

Goal- Membership/partnership and sustainability

Raise community awareness of what T3C is doing in the community
Concern: That an alcohol related tragedy will happen in the community and the community will respond with why we are not working on prevention.
Suggestion: Media/Marketing campaign/T3C branding/News articles

Increase the advertisement in the community about T3C; contact some local marketing companies that provide free marketing for the community.

Contact UMD or CSS marketing programs to have students develop marketing plans for T3C as class project.

Make sure that the marketing matches an  18-25 year old mental development.

Goal- Student/Law Enforcement Interaction Opportunities

Have involvement from Duluth Police Force and St. Louis County Probation.  The sustainability of T3C is dependent on involvement of all stakeholders.
Concern: That the Duluth Police Department has not been consistent in attending meetings.  That we no longer have involvement with St. Louis Probation
Suggestion: Paige Salyards- will contact Eric Rish-Duluth Police Mary Asmus- will talk with probation about a contact- Terry Fawcett or Jen Wright (Jen Wright will be joining T3C)

Goal-Education-Community & Campus

Concern: College students are not aware of the legal consequences of alcohol abuse.
Suggestion: Have local police /court talk with new incoming students about the legal risk and consequences of alcohol consumption.  Educate them of the long term and short term consequences of alcohol consumption.

Retail Strategy Summary  – break out group session

Goal – Membership/partnership and sustainability

Outreach to business and community
Concern:  Need for greater buy-in and cooperation from both alcohol off and on-sale  establishments
Suggestion:  Work with alcohol distributors to distribute posters – Brandon is willing to facilitate contact with distributors.  George provided lists of off and on-sale establishments
Concern: Greater server training and exploration of increasing rewards / punishments for violations
Suggestion:  Work with George and the Duluth Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco Commission to learn about server training expectations and sanctions
Concern: Lack of awareness of T3C’s efforts in city government
Suggestion:  Arrange and appointment with Mayor Ness and/or Chief of Police Ramsey

Goal – Student  / Business Interaction – Education – Feedback

Improve student awareness of business alcohol sales issues and student awareness of risk of false ID etc.
Concern:  Are there ways that students could be trained to present an alcohol sales business perspective?
Suggestion:  Recruit and train a small number of students to promote the alcohol sales and purchaser requirements and consequences

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