Change to NOLCP By-laws

Member NOLCP;

At the annual meeting in January there was an introduction to change the NOLCP By-laws regarding timing of voting in Board Members.

The change would be in Article IV – Board of Directors:  Section 4 Board elections.  The current wording reads:
New directors and current directors shall be elected or re-elected by the voting representatives of members at the annual meeting.  Directors will be elected by a simple majority of members present at annual meeting.

The change would be an addition to Section 4 and would read as follows:
One-half of the Board will be voted in on alternating years.  The Chair and Vice-chair will be voted in on one year and the alternating year the Secretary and Treasurer shall be voted in.

At the NOLCP April 19, 2012 meeting there will be an entire membership vote to make this change.   Voting time is  7:15pm at Lower Chester.

See you then;
Debra Filipovich

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