East End Historic Buildings Inventory

The City of Duluth Community Development Division and the Duluth Historic Preservation Commission held an informational meeting on Thursday, December 15, 2011 in Room 303 of Duluth City Hall  about the East End Historic Inventory of buildings and homes.

The firm Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. has been hired to conduct Phase III of this inventory and presented at the meeting. The consultants  began their work on December 12, 2011 starting north of I-35 and  have worked up to 2nd St. Please see Historic District Map (attached)

The purpose of the meeting was to inform residents of the survey process, update the public on the survey and findings to date, and gather additional historic information residents may have.  The inventory is an important process for historic purposes but is also the first step needed for property owners who wish to request consideration of their homes or buildings for local or national historic registries.  Phase III includes 1083 structures and a structure must be 50+ years old to be considered.  If an additional Historic District is recommended, it would be smaller than the Study Area.

Individual properties with “high integrity” will be written up descriptively.  The four levels of criteria are:
1.  Association with an event
2.  Association with a person
3.  Architectural style
4.  Archeology (will the structure contribute to history?)

Phase I of the survey began in 2008 and it is anticipated to continue in the future through the Hillside to St. Peter’s Catholic Church and the Observation neighborhood.  When completed, the document will be available for viewing at City Hall, Duluth Public Library, UMD Library and the Minnesota Historical Society.  Due to the volume of the document, only a portion will be available online.

It was also noted that the Historic Preservation Committee is seeking members.  Applications are available.

Questions regarding this inventory or information about your home can be addressed to Charles Froseth in the Community Development Office at 218-730-5325.

Download historic survey doc: historicsurvey.

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