Dec. 1, 2011 T3C General Membership Minutes

Dec. 1, 2011 T3C General Membership Minutes
3:30 Grandma’s Sports Garden

Campus Reports
– CSS: Ben Bertsch reported, CLEAN housing on campus available to recovering students.
– LSC: Roxanne Frederick stated that the LSC T shirt alcohol awareness was a success
– UMD: Lauretta Perry and Dana Krizak explained the QR code alcohol overdose and Taxi information campaign.  Poster were distributed containing the QR code.

T3C Web Site update is in process (now complete).

REPORT: Program Sharing Conference, St. Cloud, MN, Oct. 27-28
St. Cloud State University addressed high risk college drinking with success
– Change in campus administration: New President, Assistant Dean for Chemical Health & Outreach Programming
– Community Alliance co-chaired by U. President and St. Cloud Mayor
– Change in local ordinances including social host, diversion – minor offences > judge or diversion class
– Working with Emergency Room, decline in admissions
– Survey of specific dormitories to target intervention/prevention
– Resident Assistant model for off-campus students
– 5 or more drinks past two weeks decline 2005 to 2011

Community Reports
– Campus Neighbors: Sandy Robinson was not at the meeting.
– Law enforcement: Sean Huls reported on UMD Police activity and responded to questions.

Strategic Planning – Laura Bennett facilitated discussion of: “What specific actions should we take to ensure the Tri Campus & community Coalition on Student Drinking (T3C) is successful in achieving its mission in the future?”


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