Job Position: T3C

Job Description

Coordinator:  Duluth Community – Tri Campus & Community Coalition on Student Drinking

Has overall responsibility of organizing, guiding, administering the work of the Coalition toward its objective of controlling irresponsible and dangerous use of alcohol by students of  three Duluth institutions of higher education.

Develops and maintains a liaison with the community – organized citizens groups, police and other related governmental agencies.

Monitors, participates and advises the work of alcohol committees at each of the colleges.

In consultation with the Coalition, establishes short and long term strategies and a supportive work agenda.

Maintains regular contact with the administration of the three colleges (CSS,LSC and UMD) keeping them abreast of alcohol related policies, remedial programs and emerging issues.

Establishes a calendar of activity.

Monitors, participates and advises the work of subcommittees of the Coalition.

Becomes knowledgeable of proven and promising programs and interventions utilized in communities and on campuses throughout the country and introduces that knowledge into the work of the Coalition.

Encourages and monitors gathering of data to measure the extent of the problem and effects of interventions.

Prepares quarterly “state of the work” reports relating activities, observations, research, progress, problems, etc. and circulates to the coalition, its subcommittees, and committees of the colleges and interested others.

Organizes Coalition meetings (Executive Committee and General Membership) and prepares minutes of those meetings.

Represents the Coalition and /or schools and individual colleges in the community and press and prepares press reports/ talking papers for school administrators as requested.

* * * * *

This position is 10-month employment at one half time.

The individual is on contract to the three colleges with Lake Superior College administrating the contract.

The position is overseen by administrators of the three colleges (Vice Chancellor UMD, Vice President St. Scholastica, Vice President Lake Superior College)

Financial support of the position – contractual salary and expenses will be borne by the 3 colleges, prorated on the basis of the number of full time undergraduate students.

For more info contact: J Laundergan

Article 1: DNT 11.29.11

Article 2: DNT 12.1.11

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