T3C General Membership Minutes, Oct. 13, 2011

T3C General Membership Minutes, Oct. 13, 2011

· The following new members were introduced. Dr. Erwin was not able to attend.
-Dr. Lisa Erwin, UMD Vice Chancellor for Student Life
-Wade Gordon, LSC Director of Diversity, Student Code of Conduct
-Megan Perry-Spears, CSS Dean of Students
-Jeremiah Graves, DPD Juvenile Officer
-Sean Huls, UMD Interim Police Director
-Kimberly Clark, UMD Student Intern to T3C

· The discussion about not applying for the SPF-SIG grant was brief.  Ben Bertsch attended the bidder’s conference following the release of the RFP.  He made the comment that not many of those attending seemed prepared to complete the grant application in the month turnaround time that was allowed.

· Positive trends from student surveys and police records were reviewed.  There was general agreement that some favorable changes are evident but that we need to continue to address the issue of college student drinking.  The Social Host ordinance was identified as instrumental in bringing about change.
A handout was provided and is also attached.
-UMD, Boynton Student Health Survey 2007, 2010
-CSS, National College Health Assessment 2009, 2011
-LCS, National College Health Assessment 2009, 2011
-DPD, September Party Calls, 2007-2011
-DPD, Sept.- June Party Calls, 2007-2011
-Campus Neighbors comments

·  The Program Sharing Conference being held in St. Cloud, MN on Oct. 27-28  is an opportunity to let others know what we are doing about college student drinking in Duluth. Lauretta Perry and J Laundergan have prepared a poster session for the conference and J will attend and respond to questions about T3C, the positive trends mentioned above and what the campuses are doing.

· Prevention Efforts
-“Don’t Be That Guy” Server T shirts  are being worn at Grandma’s Sports Garden and we will try interest other establishments frequented by college students to adopt the server T shirts for their servers.  “Don’t be that Guy” Campus Posters are up at all three campuses.
-Alcohol Overdose Magnets and Wallet Cards have been distributed at the campuses and with landlord cooperation are being placed in off campus rental properties.

· Task group updated
-Law Enforcement: Jeremy Graves and Sean Huls commented on police efforts to discourage student parties and underage alcohol consumption.
-Courts:  Theresa Neo from the city attorney’s office spoke about the $500 fine per tenant for hosting a party where alcohol is consumed by minors.
-Landlords:  George Hanson described a situation at one of his propertied last spring and acknowledged that police notification of land lords is effective but the landlord can also post their contact information on both the front and back doors so that police may contact them.
-Health Educators:  Lauretta is working on a campaign where students use their smart phones for scanning a QR code from a poster.  Two choices could be accessed with one containing the same information found on the magnets dealing with alcohol  overdose and the other listing the Duluth cab companies with their phone numbers.
-Students: We need to recruit students to participate in T3C General Membership meetings.  Roxanne, Lauretta and Megan will try to identify student participants.

· Campus Reports
-CSS:  Ben Bertsch described the activities of CLEAN recovery services. Recovery housing for both men and women is available.  The program has added staff with the hiring of Ted Nielsen.  There will also be a Professionals Networking Luncheon on Tuesday, November 1at CSS Somer’s Lounge where Hazelden staff will present.
-LSC:  Roxanne reports that information campaigns with T shirts and posters and peer presentations in classes are underway.
-UMD: There have been some changes in procedures with student underage citations. The new procedure requires a student to meet with a representative of the Office of Student and Community Standards rather than receiving an email following a first offence.

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