Dorms go extreme to lure students –

Dorms go extreme to lure students

By Stephanie Steinberg and Aaron Brodie, Special to CNN

updated 9:12 AM EST, Thu September 22, 2011

Ann Arbor, Michigan (CNN) — When most people envision a dorm room, they think of a cave-like space barely big enough to fit a TV, a closet and maybe a mini-refrigerator.

But that’s changing as universities are catering to students who want movie theaters, tanning beds, fitness centers and, most importantly, private bathrooms.

Over the past few years, schools and private developers across the nation have poured millions into state-of-the-art dorms after recognizing that today’s generation of students will pass up 8- by 10-foot rooms and apartments without washing machines.

For example, one private company — Landmark Properties — has units serving college students from the Southeast to Texas. They include the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa; numerous properties at the University of Georgia in Athens and North Carolina State University in Raleigh, among others.

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