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Welcome to college
Freshman students greeted by rowdy upperclassmen
Alex Korte
Issue date: 9/7/11 Section: News

In what many are calling an annual UMD tradition, upperclassmen lined the sides of 21st Avenue East and Woodland Avenue early Thursday to greet incoming freshman on their way to move onto campus.

“It’s a yearly holiday,” said senior marketing major Jon Engel. “We’re just welcoming the freshmen and letting them know what’s to come for the next four years.”

By 9:00 a.m., various houses along the to-campus route were playing host to the student greeters.

One residence chose a pirate-themed welcome format, dressing up the front porch to mirror the bow of a pirate ship, while the tenants sported buccaneer costumes. Another yard featured a slip and slide and a beer pong table.

Last year, the Duluth police department issued several tickets for minor and public consumption of alcohol during move-in day, according to a report from the Duluth News Tribune. There were also issues with upperclassmen holding signs that some Duluth residents found inappropriate.

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