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A letter from the editor
Manda Lillie

Issue date: 9/7/11 Section: Opinion

Woodland and College Street were littered with parties “welcoming” freshmen, as they are every year. “You’ve had her for 18 years, now its our turn” and “Honk and we’ll drink” signs were displayed with rowdy students on the sidewalks drinking and playing loud music.

Usually I wouldn’t care. It doesn’t matter to me if other students portray themselves as the stereotypical college student who parties and preys on freshmen.

However, I was out there myself, handing out copies of the Statesman and trying to greet future college students and their families. The reaction I received as I headed down Junction onto College Street grew slightly hostile. I realized they were associating me with the parties and the signs, even though I was trying to do the opposite of what the signs were accomplishing-welcome students appropriately.

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