T3C Minutes (April 7, 2011)


SPF SIG grant report
Laura Bennett will be meeting with Dept. of Human Services the week of April 11.  Further updates will be sent out when available.  T3C’s mission has been expanded to included secondary school age youth.  There is always the question about federal funding in the current legislative climate.  EMAIL FROM LAURA – SPF SIG DELAY UNTIL FALL 🙁

National College Health Assessment
CSS, LSC and UMD have or are gathering data this spring.  Findings should be available in the late summer or early fall.

UMD Boynton Health Survey
A Power Point presentation of Boynton Health survey findings from 2007 and 2010 indicates that UMD alcohol use and consequences have declined over that period but are still higher than the total of colleges included in the survey.  See the attachments for data details and methodology explanations.

Campus Reports and updates
CSS – Ben B. emailed that there is a young persons open AA meeting on Thursdays at noon.  Roxanne said that an AA group is starting at LSC.  She has been busy administering the National College Health Assessment survey.  Lauretta reported on a recent meeting with Center on Alcohol and Drug Treatment staff to discuss Detox.  Questions were raised and discussed in that meeting and an offer was made to tour the Detox facility.  Agreement was also worked out that the number and BAC of students admitted would be communicated monthly to UMD and sent to J for the other two campuses.  This information will not include names unless a student admitted to Detox signs a release.

T shirt campaign
Kris Jackson held up a T shirt with “not that guy” on the back.  The possibility of combining the T shirt campaign with an on campus banner campaign was raised.

Welcome Student Signs
Signs from last year’s welcome campaign were retrieved and will be use again in the fall.  The small signs for retail outlets will also be distributed.

Campus Neighbors – Chancellor Black presented at a recent meeting and expressed an interest in community engagement.
Courts – A lively discussion of underage consumption citation type and fines as well as social host raised questions that need follow-up.  Are Duluth PD still issuing administrative tickets and if so has the fine been increased?  Can fines for other alcohol offences be increased?
Landlords – The Duluth Landlord Association is newly formed and will meet on the second Thursday of each month.

Open these documents if you are interested in the UMD Boynton research from 2007-2010 compared to all colleges surveyed. Boynton methodology 2007-2010 Boynton College Student Health Survey R

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