T3C Minutes for February 3rd

T3C General Membership Minutes
February 3, 2011

Strategic Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG)
Laura Bennett reported that the strategic plan for the grant was approved in January by the State.  The grant will focus on: past 30 day alcohol use for 6th, 9th and 12th graders; binge drinking among 9th and 12th graders and binge drinking among 18-25 year olds.  It is anticipated that the RFP will go out in March with a 5-7 week turn around time.
The group was asked to evaluate if we still want to pursue the grant.  While it was recognized that the revised grant would mandate a broader focus, it was decided our mission still fell under this umbrella.
In reviewing the letters of collaboration that will be needed, the suggestion was made to consider Ken Browall at the Duluth News Tribune, and Marshall and Harbor City High Schools.

Underage Drinking Diversion Strategy
There are three different kinds of underage drinking citations: city ordinance violation, state statute violation and administrative tickets.  Mary reported that because there is no conviction on record with administrative tickets, the objective of using the on-line course Alcohol and College Life has been removed*. The committee suggested that educational emphasis be placed on repeat offenders.  J will follow up with Mary, Lynn and Theresa on this topic.
*Following the T3C meeting, Eric Rish provided information on 1,020 underage consumption citations for 2010.  Administrative tickets 170 (16.6% ), State Statute tags 340 (33.3% ) Duluth ordinance tags 510 (50.0% ).  “No conviction on record” applies to administrative tickets that account for 16.6% of the total.

T-Shirt Campaign
Tony, Kris and Lauretta have been working on a t-shirt design to be worn by Grandma’s servers, bartenders and security staff.  “Don’t be that guy” is the message with an image created by a UMD graphic design student.  Grandmas will pilot the campaign with the possibility of it being brought to future establishments later in the year.  .

It was suggested that we work to increase our student involvement on the committee.  This could include high school students in the future, rotary clubs and veterans/national guard members.

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