Altered Law Leaves Students on Edge – The Hoya – News

By Mary Murphy
Hoya Staff Writer
Published: Friday, February 4, 2011
Updated: Friday, February 4, 2011 11:02

A newly passed measure granting D.C. police greater authority in responding to rowdiness has spurred much of campus to action, triggering a strong student outcry and forcing administrators to preempt a possible rise in student arrests.

Scott Stirrett (SFS ’13), chair of DC Students Speak, a group advocating for student interests in the District, has helped spearhead student opposition to the Disorderly Conduct Amendment Act of 2010, which increases punishments for unreasonably loud or disruptive noisemaking during nighttime hours.

“We feel that there are more pressing crime issues in D.C.,” Stirrett said. “[The Metropolitan Police Department] shouldn’t be wasting time arresting college students for potentially annoying people when there are much more serious things to be dealing with.”

At press time, DC Students Speak had rounded up over 1,050 signatures for a petition against the law, which also gave rise to a related Facebook event that had attracted 1,787 users since it was created Thursday.

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