The Neighborhood Strikes Back

Complaints about off-campus rowdiness near Buffalo State College draws federal attention.

Take a walk around the Elmwood Village, and you’ll go past a lot of nice houses filled with homeowners and renters that represent a mix of incomes and age groups. It’s the sort of demographic that can make urban living exciting and fun.

On the other hand, if you head west on Bird Avenue—where the landmark WE NEVER CLOSE convenience store is located—and keep going four blocks, you might meet some folks who haven’t been finding it so much fun.

Meet Charley Tarr and Karyn Brady. They’re two of a large group of homeowners who have been getting together to talk about what they can do to change their quality of life for the better. What could be wrong with living four blocks away from Elmwood Village?

Well, sleep would be nice. Not feeling terrorized in your own home—that too, would be a plus.

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