T3C General Membership Update

From the Coordinator of Tri-Campus Coalition on Student Drinking—J Clark Laundergan

Another academic year has begun and soon we will be having a T3C General Membership meeting.  Here is a quick update prior to having a meeting might be helpful.

-I have submitted an opinion piece to the News Tribune responding to the signs and student drinking on Woodland Ave. (no idea when/if it will be published).

-The SPF-SIG grant that we have talked about (federal grant of 10.5 million awarded to MN to be allocated to sub-recipients) has been redefined to include 6th through 12th grade and 18 – 25 year old non college students as well as college students.  After discussion with the student life administrators at the three campuses it was decided to apply for the grant even though the target population has been expanded.  The request for proposal (RFP) is expected Oct. 15 and the proposal will be due Nov. 15.  The grant application will be discussed when we meet.

-The “Welcome College Students, Have a safe and successful academic year” sign campaign (yard and retail signs) was accomplished with the financial support of the three campuses and student, staff and faculty volunteers. The impact of this sign campaign is difficult to determine but it is part of an effort to begin to change the perception of  acceptable college students behavior by both college students and the community.  The Campus Neighbors welcome effort has the same intent – get to know neighbors and more respectful behavior should follow.

-DPD has instituted a new procedure of emailing landlords when police have been called to their property.  Landlords must sign up for participation in this program.  UMD will be in its second year of the protocol where DPD citations are matched against a roster of registered students and an email is sent following a first offense.  A second offense results in a student meeting with a Review Board.  LSC should have its adaptation of this protocol in place later this academic year.  Enforcement of the social host ordinance is another deterrent to heavy drinking and noising partying by college students.

-We have some new General Membership members:  George Hanson attended our last meeting, Sally Maxwell is a campus minister and Virgil Boehland is a retired Proctor science teacher.  As the grant process moves forward it is likely that we will be adding more members with backgrounds in 6 through 12 education / alcohol and drug prevention.

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