Meeting Tonight

Hello Community Members,

In the last 24 hours you have received messages and information regarding the Planning Commission meeting tonight at 5pm where the UDC will be presented.  There is a Public Comment opportunity.  The 300′ rental spacing rule was enacted last year and was to be in place until the UDC was completed with a University/Campus Overlay that would be a protection zone to help keep a balance of rental/homeownership in the areas that have been  affected by the conversion of single family homes to rental.

Several months ago, the City Administration decided to remove the Overlay (Protection Zone) from the UDC because it was thought that the controversy would delay approval of the UDC.  The rental conversion issues were referred to the Building Safety/Planning Department.  The Task Force that had been discussing ideas and options was disbanded.  Nothing further has been stated publicly about options.

At this time, we ask that if you support the resolution drafted by the Affordable Housing Coalition sent in a previous e-mail, that you come to the meeting tonight and if you are not able to attend tonight at 5pm, please send an e-mail to the City Council members at

Thank you.

Sandy Robinson

Campus Neighbors Advisory Group
Duluth, MN

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