Duluth Affordable Housing Coalition Resolution of Support for a Campus Overlay District

WHEREAS, the Affordable Housing Coalition of Duluth (“AHC”) is a consortium of community and nonprofit housing and supportive services organizations working to address the needs of households with low and moderate incomes for decent safe sanitary and affordable housing in Duluth; and

WHEREAS, has long held a priority concern for the stabilization of campus neighborhoods and seeks to support efforts which contribute to long-term neighborhood stability and affordable home ownership opportunities in campus neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, the AHC believes that removal of the 300 foot rule will contribute to instability and a loss of affordable homeownership opportunity in the campus neighborhoods as they are increasingly abandoned by owner-occupant families at all incomes levels, unless a similar protective structure is put in place: and

WHEREAS, the City of Duluth is encouraging new student housing development and new student housing has recently been developed to meet student housing needs as an important and complimentary strategy to help stabilize single-family residential areas in campus neighborhoods,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Affordable Housing Coalition of Duluth strongly urges the incorporation of protective language, into the City’s zoning code as a Campus Overlay District to limit the number of new rental licenses allowed in single family homes in campus areas of the City of Duluth.

Adopted: June 15, 2010


This resolution urges the City of Duluth to incorporate protective language into a zoning overlay district in campus neighborhoods to limit further conversion of single family homes to rental use.

Public meeting notice June 22-2

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