TC3 Minutes from May 5th, 2010


Laura Bennett: The draft SPF SIG timeline for 2010 was distributed with two dates projecting the RFP (request for proposals) from the MN Dept, of Human Services. By mid August, pending final approval from the “feds.”, the RFP will be released. RFP RESPONSES ARE DUE IN MID SEPTEMBER! Laura and Clyde Rogers will keep us abreast of changes in this timeline. Also, Laura will try to give us a “heads up” as to the information likely to be required in the RFP. Both Laura and Clyde emphasized the need to think “data driven” and “measurable outcomes”. The scope of the grant has been expanded to include DWI, binge drinking and motor vehicle incidences.

2. Task Group activity

– Campus Neighbors Sandy: In sorting material Sandy found some of the past Task Force notes and articles. She asked the question, “are we making progress”? This is an important question and one that connects back to “MEASURABLE OUTCOMES”

– Courts Lynn and Paige: Paige did not attend the Courts work group meeting. J said that he would send out an email written report from Lynn when he receives one. Paige also noted that the alcohol screening at LSC and UMD has been going well.

– Retail Amanda: Amanda summarized a written report “Retail Campaign to Sell Alcohol Responsibly”.. She and Tony are willing to promote T3C in developing cooperation among on sale establishments and J will meet with them to plan the strategy for proceeding. J will also contact Brandon to see if a similar effort can be developed with off sale vendors.

– Health Educators Lauretta (campus): Lauretta described the “UMD protocols” using the police department SHIELD computer report to identify student citations in the community. Student meet with a Review Board after two citations.

– Law enforcement Anne: No recent meeting has been held. Some questions about police data availability that will be explored at a future meeting.

– Landlords George Hanson attended his first T3C meeting at Gary’s invitation. George brings not only landlord interest to T3C but serves on the Alcohol Control Board.

– Students The three campus health educators will identify student T3C participants for the academic year 2010-2011.

– Veterans No action do date


J: The University of Nebraska Lincoln has shown some impressive declines in high risk drinking and its consequences over a five year period. Another report emphasizes setting measurable goals .


J: Yard signs welcoming students in the fall is in the early stage. Superior does this for UWS students. The intent is to set a positive atmosphere for new and returning students attending the three Duluth campuses.

5. Reports from the three campuses:

LSC Beth: Progress is being made on using SHIELD with the LSC student data base as is being done at UMD. It is anticipated that this procedure will be ready for the fall of 20106. T shirt campaign raising alcohol awareness awareness was well received.

Clean. Recovery – for life

Ben: Recovery house for men is going well and arrangements are underway to open a recovery house for women. These facilities are open to those in chemical dependency recovering and either attending or will be attending one of the three Duluth campus. SSC is the sponsoring campus

7. Meeting date for T3C General Membership: Receipt of the (SPF SIG) RFP will trigger the next T3C meeting. Turnaround in responding will be one month

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