For years I have been on the Advisory Group of Campus Neighbors and I encourage anyone who hasn’t attended a Campus Neighbors meeting to do so. For almost ten years, we’ve listened to hundreds and probably thousands of people tell their heart-wrenching stories. We aren’t making this stuff up and we’re not NIMBYs. We’ve listened, we’ve heard, we’ve assisted as much as possible and we need ordinances that stabilize the lives of these people. The Campus Neighbors Advisory Group is very passionate about these issues because we haven’t heard just one or two stories, or even ten. Entire populations of people have been truly, deeply affected by the unregulated conversion of single family homes to rental. That’s the real hardship.

I believe that if it weren’t for the Campus Neighbors organization, our neighborhoods would have tanked a long time ago. We’ve worked hard to get ordinances and laws in place that helped to slow the madness. Many of our best attempts failed. For example, we tried to create an ordinance limiting the number of unrelated people that could reside in a single family home. Nope. We tried to regulate parking. After years, when parking laws were finally passed, was it too late? Look at Arrowhead Road. Look at any campus neighborhood. East and Central Hillside, Chester, Endion. Try to find a parking spot on a Sunday night. Go ahead. Give it a shot. Give up?

I won’t give up. Not until we have a real resolution. The 300 foot rule is in place to help slow this all down. It may not be good for everyone, but it’s necessary. For now. Let’s get our heads together to figure out what we can do to stabilize these neighborhoods once and for all. It’s a very important issue for Duluth. Especially now. With so many city officials and private organizations attempting to attract large businesses to the area, we need quality neighborhoods. With flowers and kids.


PLEASE REMEMBER to attend the City Council meeting on Monday night and ask that we keep the 300 foot rental ordinance in tact until we have something better to replace it. About the Meeting

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