Campus Neighbors General Public Meeting

Campus Neighbors General Public Meeting
Tuesday, March 16th
Grant Rec Community Center
, 901 E. 11th St. (This is NOT the Grant School) Get directions


TC3: Tri-Campus & Community Coalition on Student Drinking
Speaker:  J Laundergan

Neighborhood Quality of Life and Unified Development Code update.
The following statement was presented to the Zoning Advisory Committee by the Mayor and City Administration on Wednesday, February 24:

Neighborhood Quality of LIfe

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PDF of the UDC Code: Public Draft of Module 1 of a Hubrid Unified Development Chapter for Duluth, Minnesota

Here are some specific sections that relate to the Campus Neighbor community:
50-1.95 -Definition of family is still 6 unrelated
50-1.129-Homeowner Protection defined
50-1.238- Rooming house defined
50-18.5-1- overlay map
50.18.5 – University Housing Overlay

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