Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) Meeting

Item Type:  Appointment
Start Date:  Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010, 05:00:00pm (Central Standard Time)
Duration:  1 Hour, 30 Mins
Place:  City Hall РRoom 402 Large Conference Room

The ZAC will be discussing the student housing opportunity areas and plan review process for the UDC Mixed Use Neighborhood zone district along with proposed changes to the City’s rental licensing program.

Cindy Petkac, AICP
Land Use Supervisor
City of Duluth
Planning Division
411 W. 1st Street, Room 402
Duluth, MN 55802-1197
Phone: 218/730.5331
Web: www.duluthmn.gov
Email: cpetkac@duluthmn.gov

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