T3C Meeting Agenda (and previous meeting minutes)

*T3C Meeting Agenda*

Wednesday, February 10th
Grandma’s Sports Garden

SPF SIG (College Drinking Grant): Laura Bennett: grant update
J: T3C grant efforts

Campus Reports:
CSS: Steve and Ben
LSC: Beth and Roxanne
UMD: Jackie and Lauretta

T3C Task Groups, Process:
Discussion of Task Group Process
Distribution of Task Gp. Packets “What Others are Doing”
Retail – Amanda Deblock
Courts – Paige Salyards and Lynn Gagne
Law Enforcement – Anne Peterson
Health Education – Nancy Anderson and Laura Bennett
Residential (landlords and campus neighbors) – convener to be named
Student – Jessie
Veterans –

Meeting Minutes from December T3C meeting: T3C Minutes 12-10-09.

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