Underage consumptions higher at UMD – News

Underage consumptions higher at UMD

Veronica Wilson

Issue date: 11/11/09 Section: News

Last year, UMD had the highest amount of underage consumption tickets issued when compared to six universities that are similar in size and in close vicinity to UMD.

The six schools examined along with UMD were Minnesota State University-Mankato; St. Cloud State University; University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; and University of North Dakota.

UMD issued 420 underage consumption tickets in 2008, according to university police crime statistics. Mankato ranked second, issuing less than half of UMD’s total, with 205 tickets issued.

University police said they most often compare themselves to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, because the school and town are similar in size to UMD and Duluth. Even with these similarities, Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s 124 underage consumption tickets are not even a third of UMD’s total.

The trend continues when comparing UMD to a larger school. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities has 66,099 students and UMD has 11,366. Apparently, higher enrollment does not correlate to more underage consumption tickets; the University of Minnesota Twin Cities issued 198 tickets in 2008.

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