Curfew Ordinance

The proposed “Curfew Ordinance” will be presented at the Duluth City Council meeting Monday night at 7 p.m. If you are planning to attend, please contact Pamela Kleinschmidt To review Monday’s full agenda, click here.

Following is a letter to the Council in support of the proposed ordinance:

Dear Councilor,
I am writing on behalf of our 75 member Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol to inform you that we are in full support of the proposed curfew ordinance.  We stand on the front line of this issue nightly as our members patrol the streets of Lincoln Park on foot, in their cars or on bicycles.  We urge you to pass this ordinance without hesitation.

As the Captain of the Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol, I have received several emails and calls this weekend from concerned residents from around our area reporting that they have had many items stolen recently off their front porches and damage done to their gardens. Without exception these individuals have said that they feel threatened by teenagers wandering late nights.  Harrison Community Recreation Center, Lincoln Park,  The Wall on Skyline Boulevard, the Piedmont Pedestrian Walkway and Midtown Manor are areas that are under the watchful eye of the Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol.  We patrol these areas not just to reduce crime from teenagers but also to protect them from the very real crimes against them. Predators are out recruiting praying on vulnerable children and gang wannabes are out scoring points by vandalizing.

As the weather warms up we know that we will see an increase in activity.  We hope that we can go into the summer season armed with this ordinance.

Thank you for your service to our community.

Pamela Kleinschmidt
Captain, Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol

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