College Limits Off-Campus Housing

By A.J. Ross

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Coastal Carolina University is backing a new housing ordinance that will limit the number of students who can occupy a single off campus household to four.
The new law passed the first reading with Horry County Council on Tuesday. Residents in surrounding neighborhoods like Quail Creek and College Park have complained for years about parties, noise and trash, among other problems.

CCU officials are hoping the new law will decrease some of these concerns. “The comments that we heard from the local residents were filled with frustration,” explained Haven Hart, the Dean of Students.¬† “Our goal at Coastal is to help our students understand that they need to be a good neighbor and that they’re held accountable for their actions.” Horry County Councilman Carl Schwartzkopf lives just yards away from CCU’s campus.¬† Schwartzkopf says he has witnessed some of the problems his neighbors are complaining of.¬† “There’s a group of students that basically think that they are trying to make a re-run of the movie ‘Animal House,'” he said.¬† Schwartzkopf says he understands the need to balance a social life with school, but as a nearby resident, he applauds the university’s efforts to bring balance to the community.¬† “Coastal Carolina University came to Horry County Council admitting they had a problem, but they also came with a solution,” said Schwartzkopf.¬† If the new law is passed, Hart says the code of student conduct will be revised.¬† She says the wording will more clearly state that each student is accountable for their off campus behavior. Hart says the university also plans to hire a public safety officer to assist with any complaints from neighbors.¬† Any students who violate the new ordinance will face consequences.

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