Police put pressure on obstreperous college parties

Source: Duluth New Tribune

With finals week, Duluth police step up enforcement to curb rowdy parties in city’s college neighborhoods

If you thought you saw a lot of squad cars in Duluth’s college neighborhoods in recent weeks, you were right.

A saturation effort in neighborhoods near the University of Minnesota Duluth and St. Scholastica helped keep finals-week parties quiet and complaints to a minimum, the Duluth Police Department said Tuesday.

Police ramped-up their patrols and interactions in several eastern neighborhoods where college rentals are common, and officers say they conducted “extraordinary enforcement” on May 8 and 9 and again May 13 through May 17, making contact with more than 300 people at various parties.

Officers say they busted three underage parties before they got going, responded to 26 calls of parties under way, issued 48 citations for underage consumption and issued six citations under the social host ordinance that makes the party’s host liable for noise and other violations.

Another 10 citations were issued for “disturbing the neighborhood’’ violations. Officers say they logged an extra 100 hours in the neighborhoods during the finals saturation effort.

via Police put pressure on obstreperous college parties | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.

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