Campus Area Alcohol Enforcement and Safety Patrol

Neighbors: This was the directive for officers working the party patrol duty.

This project will focus enforcement and intervention efforts to provide a safer environment in the college housing districts located in the Campus and East Hillside areas.¬† The project will target activities involving loud parties and disturbances, underage consumption, illegal/excessive alcohol use, damage to property, and other incidents causing unsafe or disruptive conditions in the target areas. Historically, final’s has become a time identified as having high calls for service for these types of incidents in these identified areas.¬† The project will have two goals, Education and Enforcement.

Officers will make efforts to educate residents of housing units about the legal expectations regarding loud parties, underage drinking issues, and respectful conduct.¬† Officers will identify potential “party houses” before disturbances occur.¬† Officers will make courtesy stops to make residents aware of the parameters of hosting a legal party and the consequences of hosting a party where illegal acts occur.¬† Also within considerations should be the conduct of the off campus residents of student’s who attempt to have a “block party” atmosphere along Woodland Ave.¬† During the courtesy stops, officers will make efforts to consensually gain information regarding the identities of the residents as well as the name and contact information for the landlord/owner of the residences.¬† These courtesy stops will be designated in CAD by the code “PARTYI”.¬† Parties where enforcement action is taken should be identified as “PARTYC”

When available, officers will respond to all calls for service in the target areas that are related to the above described conduct.  When not assigned to a call for service, officers will be expected to pro-actively contact identified offenders and take appropriate enforcement action.  Officers shall issue citations and should take appropriate steps to address the foundation of the problem and ensure that the conduct ends. Detention of offenders and removal from the area should be a strong option to be considered to eliminate further disturbances. Escorts and transportation to residences should be considered if appropriate. On-duty supervisors will monitor large disturbances and ensure that they are quietly and efficiently resolved.  Officers will provide assistance to highly intoxicated individuals and provide detox or hospitalization placement when it applies. Individuals involved in violent conduct and non-compliant conduct should be cited or jailed when appropriate.

Officers working the project will be expected to document their activity in the CAD system through the use of the NOTES function.  An electronic trip sheet will be completed and attached in CAD notes prior to log-off.  The following information will be included in the trip sheet information:

1. Number of “PARTYI” contacts
2. Number of “PARTYC” contacts
3. Number of citizen/suspect contacts
4. Number of citations written with charges designated.
5. Number of custodial arrests.
6. Documentation of officer activity not identified above.

Party Patrol Chart

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