Citizen Patrol Program

Written by Pamela Kleinschmidt

The Duluth Police Department has partnered with residents of Duluth to reduce crime. This partnership has lead to the development of volunteer Citizen Patrol groups throughout the city. Citizen Patrol groups are overseen by law enforcement officers known as Community Police Officers. Each patrol group receives training to act as the eyes and ears of the Duluth Police Department reporting any person or activity that threatens the peace or safety of the community to 911 or by contacting their Community Policing Officer. Citizen Patrol groups throughout the city of Duluth have been credited with a reduction in crime and improving the safety of the community. The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol received the 2008 Neighborhood Hero Award for it’s service to Lincoln Park. It is the largest group within the city and participated in many community service projects. The members of citizen patrol groups throughout the city of Duluth are community minded individuals so it is not uncommon for them to pick up trash as they walk, give directions or help with a kind word or deed.

Members of the Citizen Patrol know their neighbors. They take the time to meet each person living on their street and are more likely to identify an activity or person that is unusual or out of the ordinary. Strong neighborhoods form when people take the time to introduce themselves to one another. Knowing who your next door neighbor is and a little information about them takes little effort and reaps tremendous benefits to the community. For example, if you know what kind of car your neighbor drives and who has access to that car, you will readily be able to identify the wrong person trying to gain access to it, call 911 and possibly thwart a vehicle prowl or theft. Obviously this example pertains to a home or property invasion.

Becoming a patrol member is as easy as filling out an application and passing a mandatory criminal background check. Your involvement is limited by your own schedule and level of commitment. Some patrol groups are very engaged in their neighborhood or district by volunteering for various activities as well as regular patrols through their areas and staffing an office. Some members who are less involved with the group provide a valuable service by watching and listening as they sit on their porches, look out a window or drive to the store. It’s that simple.

To join a patrol group or to find out more information, please call the Community Policing Officer or Parol Group leader in your area from the the list provided. That officer will direct you to a patrol group.

Community Police Substations
Morgan Park:
East Hillside: 730-5563
Central Hillside: 730-5564
Lincoln Park: 730-5565  (The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol shares this office. To speak with a member, call between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.)
West Duluth: 730-5890
Holiday Mall: 730-5567
Miller Mall: 730-5568
Lakeside: 730-5571
Community Police Officers (PDF)

Pamela Kleinschmidt is the Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol Captain and may be contacted for questions or concerns regarding Citizen Patrol by emailing her at or by calling 722-7178.

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