Hello and welcome to our new website! This is a pretty exciting time for our community!
The purpose of this website is to be a resource for you. Here you will find important stories, links and solutions. And in addition to those items, you can comment on the published submissions or post your own.

(Note: All submissions will need to be approved by Campus Neighbors before it will post.) But please remember, we’re just a bunch of volunteers here. Know that we’ll do our best to make this a positive experience for everyone. Thank you for your patience and support in getting this very important project launched!

The Campus Neighbors Advisory Group would also like to apologize for any errors‚Äîor for any important people/links/items we’ve left out. We’re still working out the bugs. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or see any errors.

Thank you to the Duluth Superior Community Foundation for funding to create this website. We hope that they will be pleased with their decision to grant Campus Neighbors money for this very important project.

If you’d like to be a content contributor to this site or if you’d like to continue receiving notices from Campus Neighbors, you must register.

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